Willow Bend Pharmacy is licensed in the State of Texas and can only mail prescription medications to patient in our state.

Willow Bend Pharmacy has a far reach when it comes to getting our products into the hands of customers. Our prices are so good that we find ourselves shipping to many areas of Texas.


Below is our Delivery Policy and Price Schedule

Medicaid recipients: Within five miles of our pharmacy can request free delivery, by the pharmacy delivery driver, or free USPS mail delivery.

Texas Residents: Patients in Texas can request free USPS mail delivery for non-narcotic and non-refrigerated products. Typical delivery times take 2-4 days. Medications must fit into a 6”x9” mailer for this service. Deliveries larger than this are considered packages and must be delivered by FedEx or by Courier. We offer two free mail deliveries per month to our customers. Additional mailouts will be charged three dollars.

Texas Residents needing large packages, refrigerated items, or who do not trust the USPS

We offer Fedex delivery for $12 and Courier Delivery for $10. We use Stat Over Night delivery. This link shows the delivery areas that they reach. Deliveries are Monday through Friday with a $20 charge for Saturday delivery.

Narcotics: Patients needing narcotic delivery must be walk in patients of Willow Bend Pharmacy i.e. regular customers known to the staff, requesting special delivery for special circumstances. Narcotic deliveries are available to this patient population by Courier only.