Compounded Products


We do simple compounding here at Willow Bend. Simple compounding may sound like the easy stuff ,but it can be complex and require specialized equipment. Below are a list of products that we make that fall into the simple compounding category:

Tamiflu suspension: It's been a bad influenza season. The flu is rampant, and the media is reporting every death and amputation due to the flu right now. Because of this, the primary treatment (Tamiflu capsules and the the Tamiflu suspension) is in high demand.

The good news is that Tamiflu is available as a more affordable generic medication called oseltamivir. The bad news is that the generic suspension is in short supply. Because of the reported deaths in otherwise healthy kids, the diagnosis of the flu in ones child can send a parent into a panic.

If you have a small child, the prescription may call for one to three bottles of the Tamiflu suspension. If the generic suspension is unavailable, the insurance may not cover the brand name Tamiflu suspension. If it is available, buying two to three bottles of the brand can cost more than $500! Even a single bottle can cost about $165.

A cheaper solution is to take the generic capsules, open them up and reconstitute the powder with a syrup. Even without insurance this should only cost about $85.

Triple Nipple Ointment, Newman's Nipple Cream, Triple Cream:

All three of the above names refer to the same formulation. It consists of a steroid cream/ointment, an antifungal cream/ointment, and an antibiotic ointment. It treats cracked, sore nipples in mothers who are breastfeeding.

Pet Capsules and Suspensions: Gabapentin capsules,Gabapentin suspension, Budesonide capsules, and Aspirin capsules.

The smallest strength of gabapentin capsule available as a manufactured drug is 100mg. Gabapentin is used in dogs to control pain, but at a much lower dose. So we use the raw gabapentin powder and formulate it into 25 and 50mg capsules. We offer the smallest capsule size available to help your pet swallow the capsule or to hide in food. We also offer a pill gun to aide,and make it even easier for you to give your pet a pill. We also make other drugs like budesonide and aspirin in these small dose capsules. For comparison, these capsules are about the size of Bendadryl capsules.

Methimazole ear cream/gel for cats: Methimazole is used to treat overactive thyroid in cats. It is applied to the ear and rubbed in. We dispense our pet gels in a small, convenient pump that delivers a full dose directly onto your pet's ear in one easy pump. This makes for easy administration, storage, as well as dose accuracy. Amitriptyline gel can also be dispensed in this pen device.

Questran and Aquaphor ointment: This formulation combines the moisturizing ointment aquaphor, with a cholesterol medication called Questran to bind the bile acid salts in the feces that can cause blistering diaper rashes in young babies who have diarrhea from disease or antibiotic therapy.

Suspensions for G-Tube: We make glycopyrrolate and baclofen suspensions for several special needs patients with have G-tubes. These drugs help with drooling and spasms associated with certain conditions. Medications administered via G-tube can contribute greatly to quality of life of the patient. Ask us about ANY medication that needs to be made into a G-tube administered suspension!

So there you have it. Simple compounding isn't always simple, easy or cheap. It covers a wide range of medications, and applications. Give us a call if you have a question about any formulation and maybe we can help you out.