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Drug Take Back Program

      April is the month that the DEA and local governments have selected to organize prescription drug take back programs. This is a excellent time to clean out your medicine cabinet ,and drop off unneeded , expired, or unused medication.  In Plano, April 26,  from 10-2 am  at  Plano Senior High , Plano East , West , and Clark High School are the local drop off locations for medication disposal.
          Proper medication disposal is important.

Medication and Vial disposal

I get asked a lot how to dispose of unused medication and empty prescription vials. In our area, once or twice a year ,the city will host a medication disposal program. This is probably the safest and easiest way to clean out the medication cabinet.   If you missed the last event then read on.
As a rule of thumb do not flush medication down the drain. Make the medication unfit for consumption by depositing the pills in a empty plastic jar half full of vinegar, then pour this into kitty litter and then dispose of it in the trash.
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