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Are there any mercury free flu shots?

Thimerosal is used as a preservative to prevent contamination of vaccine in multidose vials. Essentially, it kills any bacteria that may be introduced into a vial after multiple uses. This means that all brands are thimerosal free in single-dose form except Fluvirin made by Novartis, which contains an exceedingly small amount.
The question to ask your doctor is not which brand of flu shot they are using, but if the vaccine is a single use or if it was drawn from a multidose vial. If it’s a multidose vial, you should avoid it since all contain thimerosal to varying degrees, if your trying to avoid thiomerasol.

Time to get a flu shot

Now is the best time to get your flu shot, in my humble opinion. It takes 14 days for the flu vaccine to provide immunity/protection. Its now about 2 weeks before Thanksgiving. The large number of people traveling , college kids come home, soldiers getting leave ect, causes exposure goes up and allow the flu to travel.  Then on thanksgiving day the people exposed during travel expose themselves to friends and family. Three days later on Sunday evening or Monday morning the flu hits. I see it every year, the Monday after Thanksgiving I always make sure I have Tamiflu in stock.

tamiflu suspension

The flu out-break is receding but it is still widespread. If your child gets a prescription for tamiflu suspension and your pharmacy is out of stock ( the suspension is in widespread shortage right now) it can be compounded into a liquid suspension from the capsules. Not all pharmacies will do it though. So If your big box store is to busy to compound, bring your prescription to a independent pharmacy and have them make it for you.

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