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drug price increases

fioricet price increase

     If your one of the patients that uses  fioricet tablets for headaches I have bad news.  In step with other generics products,  generic Fioricet tablets have increased in price   seven fold , over night. 
      Thirty pills would have run you about $12 dollars yesterday. Today they will put you out about $32.  And  remember ,if you have insurance ,these price changes will ultimately affect you next year ,when your premiums go up to absorb these higher costs.

Drug price increases for Bladder infection medication

    For the last year and a half the prices of old, cheap, generic drugs having been soaring in price. The official  reason given for these price hikes are manufacturing shortages.  However I think that good old fashioned greed is behind many of the price hikes.
     It is stunning to actually see the price differences between now ,and a year ago ,on some drugs.
  Digoxin has gone from $10 a bottle to over $125, Doxycycline has gone from $8  to $180.
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