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Cost savings on your prescription

I like to post the cost savings that can be achieved at my pharmacy occaisionally to.... to well increase business of course.  Below is the medication and price list a patient brought in to me and asked if she could save some cash by using my pharmacy.
propranolol er 120mg  #30  $73.39
trazodone 50mg #30 $4
divalproex er 500mg #30 $58.19
prodrin caplet #20 $98.69
zolpidem 10mg #30 $39.59
Tramadol 50mg #30 $4
Cambia 50mg #12 $328.19
total $606.05
Working with Dr Komenda we made two therapuetic substitutions ( same drug different formulation) and one drug change ( same class of drugs different drug to treat the problem)
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