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FDA says Generic Wellbutrin not equal to the Brand

The FDA has released a statement today saying that Generic wellbutrin xl 300mg isnt equivelant to the brand name. This gives me the oppurtunity to reinforce a point I allways make when I get the questions " is the brand the same as the generic". In most cases the answer is allways a resounding "Yes, but..." . Yes most generics are the same as the brand ,and they  will save you a ton of money ,and work just as well, unless you have a disease state that has a narrow therapeutic window,  In that  case brand or generic will work but you shouldnt switch back and forth between brand and generic , go with one or the other. The other instance is like our case of wellbutrin  the same amount of chemical is in both products but the brand has a propriatary release system that the generic hasnt copied very well.  Its like drinking a bottle of wine all at once or sipping it throughout the day. The amount of wine is the same but the effect is very different.    Complicated release systems and narrow therapeutic disease states  are the two things to look for. Now it doesnt make a bit of difference to your insurance company they are only going to pay for the cheapest product and if you want the brand name you can expect to pay a hefty difference is price, thats because the pencil pushers arent proffessional enough to take the above two criteria into account when evaluating a generic.  Thats my two cents  for today.
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