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day light savings time means its time to supplement

Day light savings time is upon us.  We get the pleasure of waking up with the sun in our face, greeting us to another great day. Yet, as we shuffle the kids off to school , get in our cars ,and go to work, we know that  this is about the only time of the day we will get to see that glorious orb. If you work indoors most of the day, the last chance you will get to see the sun is as you head toward your car, for the commute home. As you arrive at your house it will probably already be dark.

Winter time means shorter days , and colder weather keeping us inside ,and away from the sun. Seasonal deprivation of natural sun light can lead to low levels of Vitamin D, your body produces its own Vitamin D when exposed to sunlight. So less sunlight means less Vitamin D. 

We see seasonal depression a lot at this time of the year. Some blame it on the holidays, seasonal stress, illness, others blame the bleary weather and short days. It could be low levels of Vitamin D. Low levels of Vitamin D ,and a host of supposed health problems, associated with it , are easily found in many health magazine articles.  Even routine physicals will run  a blood panel, to check for vitamin D levels. 
This entry isn't meant to go into all the scientific debate as to what low vitamin D levels may, or may not do to your health, but it is meant to say, that if your want to try Vitamin D supplementation ,then now is the time, and the season to do it. Pick up a 5000 unit capsule of vitamin D ,from a reputable vitamin line ,and take one a day. Ideally you should take a 30 minutes walk during your lunch break and soak up the suns rays and get some exercise.  But ,if your time crunched, then leave that bottle of vitamin D at work, and take one ,when you sit down to start your day.
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