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Are there any mercury free flu shots?

Thimerosal is used as a preservative to prevent contamination of vaccine in multidose vials. Essentially, it kills any bacteria that may be introduced into a vial after multiple uses. This means that all brands are thimerosal free in single-dose form except Fluvirin made by Novartis, which contains an exceedingly small amount.
The question to ask your doctor is not which brand of flu shot they are using, but if the vaccine is a single use or if it was drawn from a multidose vial. If it’s a multidose vial, you should avoid it since all contain thimerosal to varying degrees, if your trying to avoid thiomerasol.

Time to get a flu shot

Now is the best time to get your flu shot, in my humble opinion. It takes 14 days for the flu vaccine to provide immunity/protection. Its now about 2 weeks before Thanksgiving. The large number of people traveling , college kids come home, soldiers getting leave ect, causes exposure goes up and allow the flu to travel.  Then on thanksgiving day the people exposed during travel expose themselves to friends and family. Three days later on Sunday evening or Monday morning the flu hits. I see it every year, the Monday after Thanksgiving I always make sure I have Tamiflu in stock.

dead line to avoid the thanksgiving flu

Tommorrow( Nov 7th)  is the deadline to avoid the "thanksgiving flu".  It takes about 7-14 days to get immunity from a flu vaccination.
 Many people travel for the Thanksgiving Holiday and thus spread the flu across state lines, and about 72 hours after exposure come down sick with the flu. So the week following Thanksgiving ,we see the first big wave of flu cases.  Get your vaccination now, and be covered by the time the travel holidays hit. FYI

day light savings time means its time to supplement

Day light savings time is upon us.  We get the pleasure of waking up with the sun in our face, greeting us to another great day. Yet, as we shuffle the kids off to school , get in our cars ,and go to work, we know that  this is about the only time of the day we will get to see that glorious orb. If you work indoors most of the day, the last chance you will get to see the sun is as you head toward your car, for the commute home. As you arrive at your house it will probably already be dark.

Drug take back program

September is the time of year that local communities in association with the DEA offer drug take back programs.  Check with your local municipalities to see if they are offering  a drug take back day. Here in Plano , Saturday Sept 27 from 10-2 at all of the high schools Clark, Plano East and West and Plano Senior  High are the locations for the drug take back programs this year. Take this time to scour you cabinets for expired medications, medications you no longer take , or any prescription medication over two years old.

drug shortages price increases and genetic testing

Drug Shortages:
Pantoprazole is back in stock! After about two months of shortages the generic of Protonix is back in stock.  I believe this shortage was due to the over the counter rollout of Nexium, I think the shortage is over and your pharmacy should have this drug back in stock , I know that mine does. 
Price increase’sof once cheap generic drugs still stalk the industry. Clobetasol propionate cream .05% (Temovate) has gone from $15 per 60 gm tube to over $250 per tube.  It’s a great remedy for poison ivy but you may want to consider Diprolene  or Diprolene Af generic (augmented betamethasone 0.

drug shortages of generic protonix and aciphex

Aciphex and Protonix are still in short supply in many warehouses.  I think a possible explanation is that the manufacturer is busy cranking out generic and Otc versions of Nexium. Fewer manufacturers mean product back logs like this when drugs go otc or to generic.  I will keep you posted when the supply chain opens back up.  We still have generic Protonix in stock but only have about a month and a half supply left and all whare house's are empty.

drug store news may 2014

Pharmacy drug supply news.
 Pantoprazoleis in short supply; local warehouses have been wiped out of generic pantoprazole  in the last two weeks. No explanation or reason. This has not resulted in a price increase but pharmacies may soon be running out of on hand quantities.  
Compound Combinations:
 I received a prescription forDr Jack Newman’s Nipple ointment, it was a first for me to receive this script, and so, I looked it up. 
Mr. Newman’s nipple ointment is a cure what ails you, for breast feeding mothers.

fioricet price increase

     If your one of the patients that uses  fioricet tablets for headaches I have bad news.  In step with other generics products,  generic Fioricet tablets have increased in price   seven fold , over night. 
      Thirty pills would have run you about $12 dollars yesterday. Today they will put you out about $32.  And  remember ,if you have insurance ,these price changes will ultimately affect you next year ,when your premiums go up to absorb these higher costs.

Drug price increases for Bladder infection medication

    For the last year and a half the prices of old, cheap, generic drugs having been soaring in price. The official  reason given for these price hikes are manufacturing shortages.  However I think that good old fashioned greed is behind many of the price hikes.
     It is stunning to actually see the price differences between now ,and a year ago ,on some drugs.
  Digoxin has gone from $10 a bottle to over $125, Doxycycline has gone from $8  to $180.
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