Willow Bend Pharmacy  - Pharmacy is our business, Service is our specialty
     The best medication in the world ,won't do you a bit of good, if you can't afford to pay for it.  In today's market, life changes quickly ,and you can find yourself going from having great insurance to none at all. Its also one thing to have insurance , but another to be able to afford to use it ,due to high co-pays and deductibles. 
      At Willow Bend Pharmacy we don't answer to shareholders about stock price, floor traffic, market share etc. We show up prepared to work hard, offer great service,and try to maintain pricing that will make medication affordable , every thing else takes care of itself.   
      We have straight forward pricing that may really amaze you. Some drugs ,there just isn't a good price on, they are all expensive, others can have quite a bit of mark up ,and can range  widely in price.  It really behooves the consumer to shop around, and compare prices on medications. 
     You can allways call our store and ask for a price quote. Outside of that, please check out my blog I will post various price checks on occasion to illustrate the complexity and variation of pharmacy pricing.

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